Delivering a Live Fetus at 24th Week Gestational Week: A Case of Partial Hydatidiform Molar Pregnancy

The following case is about a woman who had a twin pregnancy with a partial mole and a coexisting live viable fetus, which is a rare occurrence. The partial mole was confirmed through ultrasound and monitoring her β-HCG levels during 20th week of her gestational period. The ultrasound scans did indicate a normal, viable fetus with no anomalies and a good heartbeat. A normal delivery took place during the 24th week of her gestational period, the fetus she gave birth to have abnormalities and died within 6 hours of birth. Her β-HCG levels were monitored even after the delivery and they returned to 0 after 8 weeks indicating no complications. Most commonly in a case of partial molar pregnancy spontaneous abortion is advised but if the case is diagnosed early complications can be avoided.

Author(s): Abidi SMA, Shah TS and Abbas S

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